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iphone 6 and ios 8 one month later…

Well, it’s been almost a month since the announcement and release of the new BIGGER THAN BIGGER iphones 6 and 6 plus. They are getting a little easier to get these days. I was lucky enough to get one the first week. Here are my impressions…

Bigger is Better!

I like the bigger screen. I went with the 6 (not the even bigger 6 plus) for a few reasons: it felt better in my hand, and it was all they still had in stock! The 6 does fit in my pocket, though with the bending problem, I’m a bit more cautious about doing that. The screen is really clear and sharp.

Typing is Easier

The new phones come with iOS 8 which overall seems pretty good. Entering text is a lot better with predictive word suggestions. For example, if you type in “I”, it will give options for other words that make sense. Siri also seems to works better. It transcribes as you go and will even auto correct.

I like the ability to use different keyboards. It comes with Emoji  so you can easily make those funny faces 😛 . And you can also add third party keyboard. I added the swype keyboard which allows you to trace your finger along as you make words.

Big Screen Navigation

Since the screen is bigger, there are some new features. Tap twice on the home button and it moves the screen down so it’s easier to reach certain icons. Press the button twice, and you see your running apps. You also get icons for your most recently accessed contacts. Makes it easier to find people you’ve just talked with and re-connect.

Battery Life

It’s a little too early to tell on that. My previous phone (iphone 5s) didn’t have great battery life. I complained so frequently that my son bought me a battery pack case. Loveed it but it did make the phone heavier. I’m not sure if I’ll need one for the new iphone.

Getting a Deal

I traded in my old iphone 5 for a the new iphone 6 at Verizon. With their trade-in deal, it gave me an additional $200 off the price of the phone. It was still $300 out the door with case, screen cover, taxes (you pay tax on the full retail price) and ($35) upgrade fee. So, it’s not “free”…  I did go for the 64 GB version of the phone. I would NOT recommend getting the 16GB version. The phone’s operating system alone takes a lot of space and that won’t leave you room for apps and photos. For $100 more, it’s worth it to go for 64GB and should add a few years of usability. If you take a lot of photos and videos, or have a lot of music you want to keep on it, then you may want the 128GB version.

Backup first to Avoid Upgrade Headaches

Since I was upgrading from a previous phone, I wanted to keep my apps, settings, text messages etc… At the verizon store, they moved over my contacts, but they did not recover any of the other things like apps, text messages etc… I had to recover those from a backup. Learn from my mistake. Before you upgrade, be sure to do a backup of your phone. You can do that using icloud, or you can use itunes on a desktop computer. Follow these instructions to back up on icloud. You can also back up to itunes. Then when you get your new phone, you can recover from your backup and get all your settings, contacts, photos,etc…

One thing to note, your text message history will not come over from the icloud backup. You will need to backup to itunes in order to get your text message history. But this might be a good time to clear out old messages. Before you get your new phone, you can go through your text messages and download any photos to your camera roll that you might to save.

In the coming months, I’ll be experimenting with more of the features of iOS 8.0.  Have you upgraded? Email me and let me know of your experiences or questions.