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Course Catalog

At Technology4Life we have developed a series of courses to help you master to technical tools. To learn more, attend one of our informational Classes or Lectures at a location near you.


Our classes are hands-on and taught be skilled instructors. We’re not successful until you are able to really utilize these tools to assist in everyday life.

Is there something else you would like to learn? Contact us, we’re happy to design a class for you.

How to Use the iPad/iPhone   4 hours

You have your very own iPhone or iPad! There is only one problem. You have no idea how to use it! In this personalized two week course you’ll get one-on-one help on everything from email to pictures and instructional handouts so you can practice at home. Don’t let that amazing technology sit in its box any longer! (For Apple devices only)

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Using Android SmartPhones & Tablets

Tablets are powerful devices — if you know hot to use them. In this class, we will take you through common tasks like making phone calls, sending a text message, watching a video clip on YouTube, and surfing the Web. You’ll learn fundamentals such as: configuring the security options for safe and private use, finding and installing apps, adjusting the brightness of the display, working with a wireless network and more.  See how smart your device really is!

iPad/iPhone Applications       4 hours

You’ve learned the basics of working your iPad or iPhone and now want to find out the apps the cool kids are using. There are apps for everything. In this workshop, we show you how to find and install apps.  We’ll highlight the most popular, fun and useful apps to get the most out of your i-device. (For Apple devices only)

Introduction to Computers – [Windows or Mac] 8 hours

If you would like to start at the very beginning and get an overview of what a personal computer can do for you, this is the class for you. This is a hands-on course that will provide you with the basic skills needed to use your Windows or Mac based personal computer. It is designed for first-time computer users. In this class you will learn how to start your computer and turn it off, use the mouse and keyboard to perform basic computer tasks, use Windows components to create and print a document, identify the basic parts of a computer and their use, search the Internet to find information and set up an email account.  Note: separate classes are held for Windows or Mac.

Tech Connect: Social Media for Adults            4 hours

What is Facebook and why would I use it? How do I Skype with my grandchildren or friends? This class will show you how social media technology can help you connect with the world without ever leaving your home. In this two session course, you will create a Facebook account, learn how to protect your privacy, find your friends, post comments, share pictures, take advantage of Facebook coupons and talk to your loved ones using the internet. Don’t worry, this class is for true beginners!!

Introduction to Facebook      2 hours

Come discover the social networking website that has changed the way people communicate with each other!  In this course, we will begin from the beginning and show you how to set up a Facebook account, manage your timeline, control what you see on your news feed, post a status update, and much more. After this introductory course, you will feel comfortable with Facebook both as a way to maintain your personal connections and as a networking tool to boost your job search.

Managing Your Photos     4 hours

You’ve taken all these great photos on your camera or phone, now what do you do with them?  In this class, you will learn how to get photos from your digital camera and smart phones to your computer and print them.  You will also learn how to take in old photos, how to organize and catalog photos, and basic photo editing to fix color problems, crop, remove red-eye and other simple repairs.  Bring your digital camera or smart phone (and necessary cables and power cords!) and printed photos to class.

Digital Scrapbooking     4 hours

Turn your photos into beautiful printed albums to share with family and friends.  We’ll show you how to import photos into book templates, add captions and cool graphics and make beautiful keepsakes you can enjoy or give as thoughtful gifts. Bring your old photos, digital camera or smart phone (and necessary cables and power cords!) to class. Recommended prerequisite: Managing Your Photos.

Digital Storytelling      4 hours

A picture tells a thousand words.  Using digital tools, you can combine photos with words, music and video to share your stories.  This hands-on workshop introduces you to the basics of PowerPoint to create and share your digital memoirs.

Facebook for Business       4 hours

Want to learn how to tap into the most innovative and powerful, relationship-based database on the planet? Facebook for Business is for the more intermediate Facebook user who wants to expand her resume to be able to maintain a Facebook page for a business.  In this two hour course, you will learn how to create a business page, use posts as advertisements, employ various marketing strategies, posts pictures, attract more “likes,” and generally act as the administrator to a business Facebook page. Participants should consider taking Introduction to Facebook as a prerequisite to this course.

PowerPoint      4 hours

Powerpoint is the most popular technology-based presentation program used in business today. In this four hour course, you will learn the basic skills of creating slides, inserting graphics and images, making formatting decisions, adding charts, and designing the best layout for a professional looking presentation. Designed for the true beginner, this course will allow students with little to no experience with Powerpoint to be able to compose and present their own mock presentations using this incredible tool.

Lecture Series

Lectures are a chance to see how to technology can be used to help make your life easier.  The demonstrations will give you and idea of tips and tricks to get the most out of your digital tools.  Note:  currently we are offering these lectures as the Whistlestop Active Aging Center in San Rafael.  We are available for groups of 10 or more to present in your home or community facility.

Let’s Tell A Story
You have photos everywhere: on your phone, in your house, in email. See how to manage your photos and set them up for sharing as photobooks and slide shows.

Gadget Guide
What makes a smartPhone smart? Why would you want one? Tablet or Computer – what’s the difference? Come see, touch and play with today’s gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, android SmartPhones, tablets and touchscreen laptops.

Cooking with Computers
Do you like to cook? Learn how to find recipes, watch online cooking demonstrations, create and save your own recipes, and more!

Your Computer Friend or Foe
Don’t be afraid of your computer. We’ll take the mystery and fear out of your computer.

Stay Healthy Online
From exercise videos to medical research, there is a wealth of information online to keep you ticking!  Find out some great tools to stay healthy and active.

Be Your Own Travel Agent
From directions to bus schedules to plane schedules, you can find all that and more online. Learn about travel sites to find the best deals to travel in real life or virtually.