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Upgrading to iOS 10

ios-10-big1With the new phones, Apple released a new version of the iOS software which runs the phones and ipads. iOS 10 has been out for about a month and it is pretty stable. You may have noticed that Apple is strongly encouraging you to update. Here’s a quick guide on doing the update and some of the new features/changes you will see.

Doing the Upgrade

Before updating be sure you have a backup!  Really, stop now and do a backup before moving on…

  1. Make sure you are on WiFi  (Settings > WiFi)
  2. Make sure you are at least 50% battery (if not, plug in to charge. You can update while charging).
  3. Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup
  4. Hit Backup Now. Wait until the backup has finished.

Great, now you are ready to upgrade. Make sure you are have enough battery (or plug in the phone) and on WiFi.

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and choose Download and Install (or Install Now if already downloaded). It will take about 20-30 minutes to upgrade. You will see an apple logo and then a progress bar. It will restart a couple of times. Do NOT interrupt this process. Just let it finish. When it’s done, hit the home button to wake it up. TIP: you now have to tap twice on the Home button to open the screen. No more slide to open up.  If you have a newer phone, you can change the setting so you can just press on home button to unlock. 


What’s New (and How to Change it back to the old way….)

Raise to wake

If you have a newer iPhone (SE, 6S, or iphone 7), the phone will now wake up when you pick it up. Notifications will show on the lock screen when you lift up the phone. If you don’t want the screen to turn on every time you move the phone, toggle off in Settings > Display and Brightness > Raise to Wake.

New Lockscreen

When you wake up the device, you have three screens: Today View, Notifications and Camera. It will show you Notifications first. Swipe your finger to the right to see Today View. Swipe to the left to get to the Camera. You can customize and/or disable what shows in those Notification and Today Views.

Limit the lock screen

iOS 10 shows a lot of information on the lock screen that you may want to hide from prying eyes. To control what shows on lock screen, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. Scroll to “ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED.” From here, toggle off any features you don’t want available on the Lock screen. You can turn off Reply with Message, Siri and any other relevant options. If you would rather get rid of the widget screen altogether, which appears when you swipe right from the lock screen, toggle off Today View.

Home Button acts different

In iOS 10, in order to open you no longer need to “Slide to unlock”. You just tap the home button twice. For phone users, if you don’t like having to press the home button twice, you can switch back to touch to unlock by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button then toggle on “Rest finger to open.” 

Useful New Features


Not only can you have limitless tabs on mobile Safari now, but for the first time ever Apple now lets you close all tabs at once. Press on the Tab View button tabsthe select Close X tabs. If you’re using an iPad, you can now view two tabs side by side.

Find Your Car

If you have a car equipped with CarPlay, or a more standard Bluetooth system, you’ll notice an alert on your iPhone as soon you turn off and exit your car. The Parked Car alert will plot in Apple Maps where your car is, allowing you to add more details (like lot and row number) should you need to.

Control Center

The control center changed slightly. The play and volume controls are now on the separate tab. Swipe left to get to those controls. The flashlight has different brightness levels. If you have a newer phone (SE, 6S or newer) with 3D Touch, you can press on a button and get options. For example, press down on the Flashlight button and you can adjust brightness of flashlight. Press down on the Camera to choose Take Selfie (or other options).

Mail – Quick link to Unsubscribe

When you receive an email that is part of a mailing list, you’ll get a notification at the top of the screen. If you tap the “Unsubscribe” link, Mail will send an email on your behalf to unsubscribe to the mailing list. No more scrolling to the bottom, looking for the Unsubscribe button or tapping through a half dozen questions asking why you are leaving. Just two taps from inside the Mail app and you’re done.

Voicemail Transcription

In the Phone app, your voicemails are now transcribed. So without listening to the message you can get an idea of what it is about. The transcriptions are in beta so they might be a little off – but it’s a quick way to tell if it’s a telemarketer or not.

Today View

The Today View Screen is visible when you swipe right from the lockscreen and when you swipe right from Notification Center (pull down from the top). You can customize what you want to appear in the Today View. You can put up calendar notices, sports scores, news bulletins, etc.. Tap the Edit button at the bottom to customize the view.

Markup for Photos and Messages

After selecting a photo to send in Messages, tap on it to preview it. In the lower left-hand corner will be Markup or the Markup icon, depending on the device you’re using. Draw, write and color over the photo and then send way! When viewing a photo in Photos, tap on the Edit icon, then the extension button and select Markup.

Siri New Features

Siri can now be used with other 3rd party Apps such as What’s App, Uber and Lyft. As an example, you can now say “Book a ride with Lyft to …”.  Go to Settings > Siri > App Support to see which apps can connect. For examples of what to say to Siri, hold the home button and say “Help Siri”. It will give examples in different categories.

Bilingual Keyboard with Auto-correct

You can now setup to use multilingual typing with autocorrect. To do this, go to Settings > General > Dictionary and add the languages you want to use with your keyboard. Next, enable the keyboard if you haven’t already (General > Keyboard > Keyboards and then Add New Keyboard). Start typing whatever you want in several languages and you’ll see what happens next. QuickType keyboard perfectly understands the language, switches and corrects it instantly.

Delete unused Apple apps (ie. Apple Watch)

You can now remove Apple pre-installed apps that you may not use (such as Apple Watch, Stocks, Game Center, etc…). As you would remove other apps, touch and hold the app lightly until it jiggles. If the app doesn’t jiggle, make sure that you’re not pressing too hard.
Tap on the X, then tap Remove. Press the Home button to finish. If you want to get the app back, you can re-install from the App store.


The camera can be used as a magnifier so you can get a closer look at text, objects or even people. Go to General > Accessibility > Magnifier and turn on Magnifier. Now, when you triple click the home button, the camera will come on and you can zoom with the slider on the side.



In addition to the Markup feature, several new enhancements were added to the Photos App to automatically find people, places and context for your photos — and show you similar photos. When you look at photo, scroll down to see the people in the photo, the location, related photos, photos from the same day (Moments).

There are two new automatic albums “People” and “Places”. In People, facial recognition is used to find people in your photos. You can tap on a person, then tap on Add Name at the top and see all the photos of that person.

Memories clusters together events like trips, times like last weekend or year, and other major confluences of people, places, and themes, and then edits them into slideshow-style presentations, set to music, and intended to help you relive cherished moments.

Search – you can now search by location, date, person and even subject matter. Photos will index your photos and identify objects and subjects. Give it a try!



There’s a lot of new features added to messages. Most will only work if you are texting with another iPhone users. Here are a few of the new items.

Emojification – You can turn text into emojis by opening the emoji keyboard in Messages and then tapping the words that are highlighted. When you tap a word, it will automagically transform into an emoji. There are even “tapback” emoji reactions now as well, so if you don’t need to write out a reply, you can touch-and-hold on a text from someone and then drop down a heart, thumbs up or down, question or exclamation marks, and even a “ha ha”.
Handwriting: you need to turn the phone sideways, invoke the keyboard, then tap the compose handwritten message key at the bottom right . Handwrite what you want to say with your finger, iOS does some magic to make it look like ink, and then you can send it as an image.